Gaithersburg Earthquake – Is it Time For Concrete Designed Homes?

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Did you ever think we would have a 3.6 magnitude earthquake
in Gaithersburg and rumble homes as far away as Bethesda?

Let’s hope this is not a sign of the future like
the earthquakes in California. But if it is…

Should we start designing and building our homes out of concrete to resist
future earthquakes in Maryland:

Read this article from

One of my friends mothers lives in Gaithersburg and she said that it
felt like a truck ran in to her garage when the earthquake hit.

The center of the earthquake was about 20 miles northwest of Washington,
per a spokesperson at the U.S. Geological Survey.

This quotation was posted on CNN – “It was really loud, like a plane flying really low.
I had never felt anything like it,” said Anne Ngunjiri, 30, of Gaithersburg.
“I was jolted out of bed. All my neighbors woke up. After it passed, I thought
it could be an earthquake, and lay in bed hoping there were no aftershocks.”

Also from CNN :Judy Rudolph, 64, said she was writing e-mails in bed in Rockville, Maryland,
when her house started to shake. “My first reaction was the noise…. I thought it
was an explosion,” she said. She said she’d never felt anything like it in her 31 years
living there.

Back on October 8, 2007 was the last earthquake that occurred in Maryland, according to
the USGS website. That earthquake was 1.7-magnitude quake and
was approimately 5 miles northwest of Baltimore.

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