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In order to get in the building, you have to have a key, so it’s pretty secure. I saw residents pulling up the door to make sure it locked, and no one let me in when I was waiting for the leasing agent, so they seem serious about it (unlike other places I’ve seen). That was really encouraging because as someone from out of town, you always hear crazy stories about Southeast DC. When I walked in, the downstairs lobby reminded me of a really classy hotel. I felt like a 30’s actress or something. You’ll have your own bathroom even if you get the two-bedroom apartment. The apartments have balconies (which I absolutely LOVE) and the view is simply amazing. You can the capital off in the distance and utilities are already in the rent, which is convenient. It helps this complex creep to the top of my list. The rent for a two-bedroom is just above $1250, which is worth it, (minus the lack of metro accessibility.)

There aren’t any metro stations nearby, but there’s a bus that stops right in front of the place. There’s also a lot of parking space if you own a car. The residents seem to mostly be families, rather than crazy college kids, so that’s a plus if you prefer a place that’s quiet at night.

The entire apartment is carpeting and the kitchen is HUGE! They had one of the best kitchens I think I’ve seen since I moved to DC. There’s a whole lot of cabinet and counter space, so it’s a really great apartment for people who love making big meals regularly. (I happen to be one of those people)

I give Marbury Plaza 9 out of 10!

2300 Good Hope Road SE , Washington, DC 20020 202-678-0700

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