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There isn’t much to say about this place…seriously. The size is ok. It’s kinda far from a metro. There’s no central air. There’s a laundry room in the basement. There are hardwood floors. There’s a locked entrance, but the door was ajar when I went to visit. The building is literally a brick block. It’s not impressive, but its not horrible either. The windows, kitchen, and bathroom are really small, but the bedroom and living room are decent. They were the best part of the apartment.

When you walk in there’s also a huge mirror in the lobby before you go up the stairs. It made me think the apartment would have a bunch of neat little quirks like that, but I was mistaken. I’m not sure, but I think I also saw a roach. I don’t do roaches. That ended the tour for me. I mean, I still there, but I couldn’t focus on much the leasing agent was saying. I do remember that the stove seems to be really old and the tub needed to be bleached.

Utilities are extra, which was unexpected. One good thing was that I didn’t see a lot of people lounging around outside. The building is about three blocks from Georgia Avenue. There are two high schools in walking distance, but the nearest grocery store is a bit of a hike. You can see the police station from the front door, which was refreshing. If you drive, there’s a bit of a scramble for parking space. There are two other complexes in walking distance and a lot of residential homes along Peabody as well as 8 th street.

I was happy to hop back on the 62 bus without looking back. I give this place 6 out of 10.

6024 8th Street NW $1,000 1BR Apartment/Condo

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5 Stars All The Way Around

- Alison Wood

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